ITAL200 Italian for Graduate Research, Patrizia Bonucci, Spring 2018

This course enables students to develop reading skills in Italian particularly relevant to the needs of art historians. Students are introduced to grammatical structures and technical vocabulary useful in extracting key information from texts in Italian related to their own research.

Readings of texts in and out of class are required. Students will be asked to describe the materials they are reading in order to assess their level of comprehension. They will also provide summaries and written answers to questions about the readings.

There will be a midterm and final exam on reading comprehension, as well as tests on vocabulary and grammatical structures during the course of the semester.

Upon completion of this course, graduate students will be able to determine if written texts are relevant to their research topics; they will become familiar with Italian vocabulary used to describe artists, works of art, architecture, and techniques; and they will be able to summarize concepts and details found in art history resources.

Required and Recommended Reading

In compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act Textbook Provision, SACI provides, when possible, the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and retail price of required and recommended reading.

Required Text
Angelino, Maddalena and Elena Ballarin, L'Italiano attraverso la Storia dell'Arte, Guerra Edizioni, 2012.
ISBN: 9788877159304 (Retail price: €16)

Recommended Texts
Collins Italian Concise Dictionary, 6th edition, Harper and Collins Publishers, 2015.
ISBN: 9780062410153 (Retail price: $17.99)

Lazzarino, Graziana, Prego! An Invitation to Italian, 8th edition, McGraw-Hill, 2011.
(grammatical structures only)
ISBN: 9780073386256 (Retail price: $204.67)

Additional reading material will be provided by the instructor.


Week 1

Tuesday, January 9
Introduction to course. Discussion of course requirements.
Reading: I Bronzi di Riace; la storia e i protagonisti; gli artisti e l'opera; il ritrovamento e il mistero.

Thursday, January 11
Structure: the present conditional.

Week 2

Tuesday, January 16
Reading: Il Colosseo.
Structure: review of present tense and imperfetto.

Thursday, January 18
Workshop language through the arts at Palazzo Strozzi with Prof. Margheri.

Week 3

Tuesday, January 23
Reading: La Basilica di San Marco; l'edificio; San Marco a Venezia e la funzione politica della Basilica.

Thursday, January 25
Structure: the passive voice in the present tense; review of past participles.

Week 4

Tuesday, January 30
Reading: La Torre di Pisa; la costruzione; il campanile, la cattedrale, lo stile romanico.

Thursday, February 1
Structure: the relative pronouns.

Week 5

Tuesday, February 6
Reading: Cimabue: le opere; lo stile; l'artista.

Thursday, February 8
Structure: review of prepositions (simple and articulated).

Week 6

Tuesday, February 13
Reading: Giotto: gli affreschi; lo stile di un'arte nuova; l'artista.

Thursday, February 15
Reading: Botticelli: la nascita di Venere.
Structure: adjectives—comparisons of equality and inequality. The superlative.

Week 7

Tuesday, February 20
Reading: Leonardo Da Vinci: la vita; l'Ultima Cena; una donna piena di fascino e mistero: chi è Monna Lisa?

Thursday, February 22
Midterm Exam: Reading Comprehension.


Week 8

MIDTERM BREAK (February 24 - March 4)


Week 9

Tuesday, March 6
Reading: Michelangelo scultore, architetto, pittore.

Thursday, March 8
Structure: the impersonal "si."

Week 10

Tuesday, March 13
Reading: Tiziano; Tintoretto.

Thursday, March 15
Reading: Text proposed by the Graduate Seminar instructor.
Structure: the simple future tense.

Week 11

Tuesday, March 20
Reading: I Vedutisti; il Vedutismo; la tecnica / Text proposed by the Graduate Seminar instructor.

Thursday, March 22
Structure: the passato remoto.

Week 12

Tuesday, March 27
Reading: I Macchiaioli: Signorini, Fattori.

Thursday, March 29
Reading: De Nittis; il Movimento / Text proposed by the Graduate Seminar instructor.

Week 13

Tuesday, April 3
Workshop language through the arts at Palazzo Strozzi with Prof. Margheri.

Thursday, April 5
Reading: Modigliani.
Structure: the pronouns “ci” and “ne.

Week 14

Tuesday, April 10
Reading: De Chirico; la pittura metafisica.

Thursday, April 12
Structure: general review.

Week 15

EXAMINATION WEEK (Tuesday, April 17 and Thursday, April 19)
Final Exam: reading compehension of a text proposed by the Graduate Seminar instructor.

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