ITAL102 Beginning Italian: Level II, Patrizia Bonucci, Spring 2018

This course is designed for students who already know the basics of the Italian language. It is divided into two parts: theory and oral practice. There will be several grammar tests during the course, together with the writing of compositions about individual and socio-cultural subjects. Readings and oral activities will be proposed.

As far as the structural aspects of the language are concerned, a review of the main grammatical difficulties will be followed by the learning of the most important structures related to the level of the course. As for oral practice, the main objective will be the achievement of a good level of speaking, so that students can take part in the social and cultural life of the country where they are living and studying. Each Spring, students partake in a conversation exchange with Italian students from the University of Florence.


The instructor will let you know on the first day of class if there is a need to purchase a textbook. There are usually sufficient texts available for loan from the SACI Worthington Library.



From Monday, January 8 to Friday, January 19


Review of passato prossimo and imperfetto: differences in use.

Communicative acts

Asking to tell, telling past events, describing, talking of one’s own childhood and of one’s own habits.




From Monday, January 22 to Friday, January 26


Review of reflexive and reciprocal verbs.

Communicative acts

Describing one’s own day.




From Monday, January 29 to Friday, February 2


The trapassato prossimo; review of direct and indirect pronouns; agreement of the past participle with direct pronouns.

Communicative acts

Speaking in the past.




From Monday, February 5 to Friday, February 9


The combined pronouns; ne and ci.

Communicative acts

Expressing the will to do something; asking in order to have something.




From Monday, February 12 to Friday, February 16


The simple future; special uses of the future.

Communicative acts

Making plans for the future, making previsions.




From Monday, February 19 to Friday, February 23


Review of all lessons.


MIDTERM EXAM: Written grammar test and oral interview.



MIDTERM BREAK (February 24 - March 4)


From Monday, March 5 to Friday, March 9

Structures The compound future; the agreement of tenses.

From Monday, March 12 to Friday, March 16


The adjectives: comparisons of equality and inequality; the superlative; suffixes.

Communicative acts Comparing.


From Monday, March 19 to Friday, March 23


Imperative (formal and informal); imperative with direct, indirect and reflexive pronouns.

Communicative acts

Giving orders, instructions, exhortations.




From Monday, March 26 to Friday, March 30


The present conditional.

Communicative acts

Expressing desires, asking politely, giving advice.




From Tuesday, April 3 to Friday, April 6
(Monday, April 2: Easter Monday no class, SACI closed)


The past conditional.

Communicative acts

Talking about past events that did not occur; talking of future actions in the past.




From Monday, April 9 to Friday, April 13


General review of the course.




From Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20 - EXAMINATION WEEK

 Final Exam

FINAL EXAM: Written test and oral presentation of a subject to be agreed upon with the teacher.

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