ID219 Intermediate Interior Design, Tami Eyal, Spring 2016

Requisites: Students need to have undertaken previous studies of interior design, a good knowledge of any DWG computer program, and be able to produce technical drawings.

Note: This syllabus is subject to last minute changes.

Each lesson starts with a presentation of the homework.
All lectures and assignments are accompanied by slides or visual examples.


Week 1

Monday, January 11
• Course presentation and introduction. Acquaintance and going through the course, its goals and expectations. 
• Introduction to 1st assignment: project - living room, dining & working area.
• Measurement taking (in metric system)
• Drawing the floor plan 1:20 
Proceed with assignment

Wednesday, January 13
• Finish assignment 1
• Introduction to 2nd assignment: creating a client profile, concept and mood board 
• Continue work in class 
• Essay: colors in interior design 
• proceed with assignment 1&2

Week 2

Monday, January 18
• Field trip Gucci museum
• Lecture: colors in interior design
• Proceed with 2 assignment
Finish presentation of 1st assignment

Wednesday, January 20
• Presentation of 1st assignment 
• Proceed with 2nd assignment 
• Finish 2nd  assignment
• Essay: Italian design from Renaissance to contemporary furniture

Week 3

Monday, January 25
• Presentation of 2nd assignment
• Introduction to 3rd assignment: drawing 2 sections 1:20 furniture selection and layout on Autocad
• Selecting furniture from online catalogue
• Elaborating furniture layout in Photoshop
• Creating mood board and floor plan on 2D programs

Wednesday, January 27
• Field trip to several commercial spaces in city center and analyzing together
• Laurentian LibraryHomework
• Design survey - analyzing 2 different commercial spaces
• Define sections and layout

Week 4

Monday, February 1
• Drawing 2 sections and floor plan with furniture elaborating in Photoshop (continue)
• Lecture: Introduction to lighting design
• Selecting fixtures from catalogue creating a basic lighting project- symbols, legend
• Proceed with project 
• Essay: Form follows function or function follows form, explain and analyze

Wednesday, February 3
• Guest Lecture: Creating and developing concept for commercial spaces
• Presenting 3rd  assignments
• Introduction to 4th assignment: Design critic
Finish 4th assignment: Design 


Week 5

Monday, February 8
Field trip 
• Visit to interior design firm in Florence
• Visit to Ferragamo museum 

Wednesday, February 10
• Presenting 4th assignment
• Drawing perspectives/isometrics (by hand)
• Preparing final presentation


Week 6

Monday, February 15
• Field trip to Verona furniture fair

Wednesday, February 17
• Presenting final project and class discussion
• Elaborating hand drawings in Photoshop

Week 7

Monday, February 22 
• Introduction to final assignment: studio apartment in a XIV century building
• Taking measurements and starting floor plan and layout 

Wednesday, February 24
• Work in class on final project including
- Drawing floor plan, client profile, concept, mood board, floor plan layout of studio apartment, furniture & fixture selection, 4 sections and details using both computer and manual drawings


Week 8

MIDTERM BREAK (February 27 - March 6)


Week 9

Monday, March 7
Work in class on final project 
• Essay:  Mies Van Der Rohe – the relation between interior and exterior in residential projects

Wednesday, March 9
• First review on final project  
• Continue work in class on final project

Week 10

Monday, March 14
• Continue work in class on final project

Wednesday, March 16
• Final review on first part of final project
• Continue work in class on final project- Building a model 1:20, drawing details, 4 perspectives elaborated on computer programs and lighting project

Week 11

Monday, March 21 
• Continue work in class on final project
• Guest lecture: to be announced

Wednesday, March 23
• First review on second part of final project
• Continue work in class on final project
Essay - Gio Ponti and total desig

Week 12

Monday, March 28
No class - Easter Monday

Wednesday, March 30 
• Final review on second part of the project
• Continue work in class on final project - presentation
Proceed with final project

Week 13

Monday, April 4
• Field trip Giulio Tanini – wall covering, bathroom furniture and accessories
• Presenting floor plan and sectionsHomework
• Essay – the Bauhaus movement and its social political origin
• Proceed with final assignment

Wednesday, April 6
• First review on whole project and presentation
• Proceeding with final project

Week 14

Monday, April 11
• Proceeding with final project

Wednesday, April 13
• Review on presentation and details of final project
Essay – Wabi Sabi and interior design

Week 15

Monday, April 18
• Final review of  presentation of final project

Wednesday, April 20
• Presentation of final project



Attendance is mandatory, absence will impact final grade. For every two unexcused absences, your grade will be lowered by 1/3 of a letter.  Two late arrivals to class are considered the equivalent of one unexcused absence.  Students who do not stay for the duration of a class session should be marked absent.  Students who miss more than 20% of a course owing to unexcused absences cannot be given a passing grade for the course.


30% Class participation (including attendance, max. 2 excused absences. Lateness (more than 10 min) will be considered an absence.

40% Assignments

30% Exams and essays

Grades are based on attendance, proficiency, effort, and improvement.

Grades range from A+ to F.  The SACI grading scale follows:
            A+       Outstanding
            A         Excellent
            A-        Nearly Excellent
            B+       Very Good
            B         Good
            B-        Nearly Good
            C+       Above Satisfactory
            C         Satisfactory
            C-        Below Satisfactory
            D         Unsatisfactory
            F          Failure 

General Safety & Emergency Instructions

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