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John  Taylor

BA Hons. in Sculpture, Leeds Metropolitan University; MA Hons. in Sculpture, Royal Academy of Art, London. Recipient of the Prix de Rome from the British School in Rome, for over a decade he has taught marble carving in Pietrasanta, where he currently works as a sculptor. Formerly a personal assistant to the sculptor Igor Mitoraj, he has taught previously at the Kunst Akademi in Oslo, Norway. He has exhibited in Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and received three Henfield Scholarships for figurative sculpture from the Royal Academy of Art and a Leeds University Travelling Scholarship. His sculptures are in many private collections in Italy, England, and the USA.


Teaching Philosophy

As a professional sculptor living and working in Tuscany, my teaching philosophy is that practice and technique must be passed on to the next generation. There must be no holding back in the learning process. In exchange, students should be willing to learn and listen to constructive criticism in the same manner.

Curriculum Vitae