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Dario Arcamone

Diploma in Scultura, Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, MFA, Bowling Green State University. He has taught at Bowling Green State University and exhibited in Italy, Austria, Germany, and the US. In 2003, awarded First Prize at the Toledo Area Artists 85th Annual Exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art in Ohio. He was instrumental in having SACI selected to participate in the competition for the annual Mannucci International Sculpture Prize.



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Teaching Philosophy

As a student, I always sought instructors who could help me to direct my creativity. As an instructor, my goal is to help students discover approaches to art making that are appropriate for them. To achieve this, I encourage students to experiment with different media and subject matter. I try to provide students with a firm academic foundation and to create an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable working freely and spontaneously. I believe that knowledge of historical artworks and techniques is critical for students seeking to understand themselves as emerging artists and to develop a suitable style. I believe, equally, that inspiration is essential, and is at the core of the learningand artisticexperience.

Curriculum Vitae