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Lorenzo Pezzatini

BFA and MFA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Since 1978, his artwork has been characterized by the ongoing presence of his “FILO”: a kind of a generative cell from which his work originates and returns. Since 1979, has participated in a number of special projects as artist-in-residence, both in Italy and the US. In 1993, he was commissioned to produce a sculpture for the town of Vagli (Lucca) and, in 1999, for the town of Pontassieve (Florence). His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in Yugoslavia, Italy, New York, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. In 1998, he celebrated the twentieth anniversary of his “FILO” with a project commissioned by the Luigi Pecci Museum of Contemporary Art and the city of Prato. Since 1978, over forty articles have been published on his work.



Lorenzo Pezzatini
Edited by Alessandra Borsetti Venier
Paperback, 119 pages
Italian and English
ISBN: 9788889033838
Lorenzo Pezzatini: Forse Immagini L'Oggetto
Edited by Alessandra Borsetti Venier
Paperback, 79 pages
Morgana Edizioni, 2005
ISBN: 9788889033227
Lorenzo Pezzatini: The Illuminated Cyclist at Court
Edited by Alessandra Borsetti Venier
Paperback, 64 pages
Morgana Edizioni, 2004
ISBN: 9788889033067


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Teaching Philosophy

I think that for an artist, teaching art and particularly teaching at an advanced level is one of the greatest challenges and I firmly believe that one can succeed simply by being genuine and personal with students. I like to see them as young artists and therefore I deliberately present my work at the beginning of the course, in this way establishing that direct link (artist to artist) that has shaped the amazing journey of art history. Later during the semester, the complexity tied to the development of the students endeavor leads the discussion into issues such as the role of the artist and the art system.
The city of Florence is a greatest historical source for that confrontation but can also be a place where many contemporary art events take place and where contemporary art is produced. As an artist who had an American art education but was born and is living in Florence, I wish to be the facilitator for an illuminating approach to a foreign culture without ever forgetting that being contemporary means living in our own time.


Website: http://www.lorenzopezzatini.com/


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