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Lee Foust

BA in English: Creative Writing and BA in Italian Language and Literature, San Francisco State University; MA and Ph.D in Comparative Literature, New York University. He has also studied at the University of Florence in the Department of Lettere and at the Scuola di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri, Siena. Since 1998, he has taught early modern to contemporary Italian literature, creative writing, various topics in the field of comparative literature, and humanities in the Florence programs of California State University, the Accademia Europa di Firenze (Elon University), Spring Hill University, Gonzaga-in-Florence, University of Connecticut, Roger Williams University, Richmond College, and New York University. He co-edited the New York-based literary magazine Resister, and his fiction, scholarly writing, journalism, and translations have been published in the US, Italy and online.



Lee Foust
Paperback, 189 pages
English, Italian
Infinity Publishing, 2013
ISBN: 9780741481177
Poison and Antidote
Lee Foust
Paperback, 166 pages, English
AuthorHouse, 2015
ISBN: 9781496945655


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Teaching Philosophy

Learning to write effective artistic prose and poetry is contingent upon three things: Practice, anticipating audience reception and getting acquainted with the techniques and rules of thumb that make up the history of Occidental literature and have created our ideas of both literary creations and their reception. My creative writing class then works on all three of these levels, encouraging students to write as much as possible, to read a series of texts in both prose and verse and to discuss and then use the techniques that the texts offer us, as well as to present your own works in progress to the rest of the group in order to experience their reaction to your writing through critique and suggestions.

Obviously the amount of direct, personal attention that each student gets from the group will be contingent on course enrollment and time constraints, but I believe that the texts that we read and discuss, as well as the comments that everyone receives both from the group and my own editorial corrections and suggestions (which I will give on all texts written during the semester) will easily lay the groundwork for any young writer looking either to lay the foundations for writing better verse or prose, or help, through practice and experimentation, old hands to push their writing forward—particularly those seeking to express something of the experience of living abroad and attempting to enter into—however tenuously—another culture.

That said, I am extremely available both in class and out to offer my expertise and experience to help you experience, digest and write about this material. (I also have a lot of experience living, studying, and teaching here in Florence and I offer a sympathetic ear to culture shock concerns before or after class, or via telephone or e-mail the rest of the time. I’m also always open to addressing both my methods and the materials of our study during the in-class discussions if the group as a whole is in agreement as to the utility and feasibility of altering anything. All of this is said only to clarify from the start my particular approach—based on the assumption that we are each mutually dependent individuals demanding of respect and ultimately responsible for our own intellectual progress—and to allow the greatest flexibility in our proceeding so that the most appropriate and useful materials and methods are addressed in this course.


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