There’s No Place Like Home

From 11-28-2016 To 11-30-2016

There’s No Place Like Home
SACI Digital Multimedia Student Exhibition

November 28 - 30, 2016

Opening: Monday, November 28 at 8pm

Works by: James Coburn, Jacquelin Corti, Jonnea J. Herman, Katrina Layton, Megan Maniago, Dorothy Peng, Olivia Porter, Margareta Sköld

The works of SACI Digital Multimedia students during the Fall semester focused on the theme of home. After a series of dialogues which involved a scientist, an anthropologist and an artist, the works explore the subject through comparison of experiences and juxtapositions of mental maps and memories. The methods of work include video, sound and creation of environments, that recreate intimate spaces but also question the legitimacy of the sense of belonging.

The Digital Multimedia course at SACI, taught by Dejan Atanackovic, Belgrade-Florence-based artist has been held since 2000 in collaboration with Florentine galleries, festivals and theaters. The end-of-term exhibitions of the Digital Multimedia class have been presented in the spaces of La Corte Arte Contmporanea, Sergio Tossi Gallery, Spazio Tempo, Fabbrica Europa, Teatro dell’Affratellamento, Cartavetra Gallery and others.



Cartavetra Gallery
Via Maggio, 64r
Florence, Italy