"Long Distance" MFA in Studio Art Exhibition

From 04-09-2015 To 04-25-2015

SACI’s Graduating MFA in Studio Art Student Exhibition: "Long Distance"

Gwynneth Alldis, Jessica Daynes, Molly Di Grazia, Christina Gednalske, Walker Keith Jernigan, Horacio Lizardo Jr., Danielle M. Schaefer, Radha Rose Tague

April 9-25, 2015

Thursday, April 9, 4:00 pm ~ Roundtable on the Artist as Teacher (at Le Murate): The works featured in this exhibition will be a focal point of a round table discussion, held at Le Murate at 4 pm the day of the exhibition opening. The discussion will be moderated by Daria Filardo, curator and instructor in SACI’s MFA in Studio Art program. The panelists will be: Valentina Gensini, director of Le Murate – Projects Contemporary Art; Thomas Sacchi, Director of Culture, City of Florence; Jules Maidoff, founder and Director Emeritus of SACI; Karen Yurkovich, artist and Director of the MFA in Studio Art program at SACI; and several artists who have worked closely with students in the program: Luca Bertolo, Francesco Lauretta, Pietro Manzo, Roberto Pettena, and Alfredo Pirri. [NOTE: The discussion will be held in Italian without translation into English.]

Thursday, April 9, 6:00 pm ~ SACI’s Graduating MFA Student Exhibition Opening (at Le Murate): Selected works by SACI’s Graduating MFA students. April 9-25.

The exhibition will be open from April 9-25 from Tuesday to Saturday, 2-8pm with free entrance. 

Friday, April 24, 3:00 pm ~ SACI’s Graduating MFA Student Exhibition Finissage (at Le Murate): Selected works by SACI’s Graduating MFA students.


Long Distance presents work completed by students in the Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art (Painting or Drawing) degree program at Studio Art Centers International (SACI) in Florence. This two-year program instructs and guides students who intend to pursue careers internationally as artists, and focuses especially on contemporary Italian and European art and culture.

The title Long Distance alludes to geographical distance: a path from which one can see far away, movement leading to a place distant from one’s point of departure. Long Distance evokes multiple directions and suggests different analyses and reflections on painting.

In each of these works by eight young American artists, the medium has been processed, deconstructed, and made into a spatial object while retaining a pictorial component. Materials, shapes, colors, and spatial research are presented in complex and differentiated forms that require clear and careful scrutiny.

The exhibition raises the question: How to be an artist? To answer this simple question, we must reassess the role that education plays in stimulating and nurturing emerging artists. We must deepen our understanding of the creative process so that we can foster artistic growth by encouraging independence of spirit, coherent dialogue, openness, and experimentation.


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Le Murate
Piazza delle Murate, Florence