Did you know that...

SACI is the only US University Accredited Institution in Europe to offer a two-year MFA degree in studio art?
SACI alumns have accomplished amazing achievements, such as being nominated for an Oscar, designing jewelry for major Hollywood productions and being exhibited in the National Portrait Gallery in London? for an archive of the SACI Success Stories click here.
SACI students have a wide array of opportunities to interact with the Florentine Community and give back to this magnificent city? Among SACI's many activities for the local community are restoration interventions in important historical spaces, opportunities to teach art to Italian children and the decoration of local hospital wards.
SACI is an officially recognized U.S. non-profit 501 c (3) university program since 1976? This means that all earnings are re-invested in the education of young artists.
In the Fall and Spring SACI runs over 120 field trips to art-related landmarks all over Italy, and is among the few institutions not to charge extra fees for these activities?
The SACI Artists Council features such well-known artists as Christo and Sting? for a full list of members of the Artists Council, click here.
David Hockney participated in the SACI 2008 Symposium on Painted Optics?
The SACI Galleries have hosted exhibitions by many renowned international artists such as Audrey Flack, Beverly Pepper, Alessandro Mendini and Elio Fiorucci? for a list of upcoming exhibitions, click here.
Historical documents demonstrate that the family of the Mona Lisa, the Del Giocondos, lived in SACI's main building, the Palazzo dei Cartelloni?
SACI offers a surprisingly generous array of scholarships for particularly talented young art students? for a list of all SACI scholarships, visit the "Admissions" column from the SACI homepage.
SACI students create in each studio course a unique body of work instrumental to their developing outstanding portfolios?