Web Design


CS180 Web Design I

Credits: 3
Offered: Fall
Prerequisite: None

This course provides a theoretical and practical approach to design aimed at creating websites that meet the needs of modern communication.  Students are introduced to the basics of designing and building a website through the stages of briefing, analysis, creativity, and management of HTML5 and CSS3 languages.  Practical examples and exercises enable students to analyze the purpose of a project and to find creative ways to achieve the most effective solutions.  They acquire the skills necessary to build static, dynamic and responsive websites and learn to create graphics optimized for the web and to implement them within a website by using software such as Photoshop and Fireworks. They are also introduced to the practical use of software for the creation of websites such as Dreamweaver and RapidWeaver and they learn how to use HTML5 and CSS3 as a basis for modification of codes.

(See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

Course Syllabus Fall 2014 (Raffaele Cingottini)

CS314 Web Design II

Credits: 3
Offered: Spring
Prerequisite: Web Design I

This course provides an advanced approach to design of modern websites.  Students achieve a deeper knowledge of HTML5 and CSS3 languages so that they can optimize graphics and projects. They are introduced to ways of finding and implementing solutions in order to add modern functionalities.  These include advanced menu navigations (nested menus, anchors, etc.) and fonts management (web fonts), use of third-party services (Google Calendar, Google Maps, forms, APIs), and connecting to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc.)  Practical exercises and examples train students to "read" external services and libraries so that they can locate and utilize the best ones available for building a more complete website. Software used includes TextWrangler, CSS Art Text, Web Form Builder Lite, and CSS Gradient Editor.

(See syllabus below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

Course Syllabus Spring 2015 (Raffaele Cingottini)