ARTS(W)301 Beginning Weaving, ARTS(iW)301 Intermediate Weaving, ARTS(aW)401 Advanced Weaving

Credits: 3
Offered: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None for Beginning Weaving; Beginning Weaving for Intermediate Weaving; Intermediate Weaving for Advanced Weaving

Students are introduced to weaving on four harness looms. Basic loom techniques cover pattern, drafting, warp preparation, dressing, and operating the loom. Projects explore basic weave structures, plain weaves, twills, pattern threadings, and hand manipulated techniques such as tapestry, soumack, leno, inlay, pickup, and rug knots. Students move on to experiment with yarns, their weights, settings, color, and texture. Experienced students have access to eight harness looms, and advanced students have access to sixteen harness looms. Intermediate and advanced projects involve research into techniques such as block design theory, double weaves, brocade, and various complex weave structures. Other options include natural dyeing of yarns, ikat dyeing, card and belt weaving, and pictorial and sculptural tapestry. Field trips include visits to an antique silk weaving factory, a tapestry restoration workshop, and industrial textile expositions. Weaving is taught at Tessilarte: Via Toselli 100, a short bus ride from SACI's main facility.

(See syllabi below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

Course Syllabus Beginning Weaving - Fall 2016 (Patricia Kinsella)

Course Syllabus Intermediate & Advanced Weaving - Fall 2016 (Patricia Kinsella)

Course Syllabus Beginning Weaving - Spring 2017 (Patricia Kinsella)

Course Syllabus Intermediate & Advanced Weaving - Spring 2017 (Patricia Kinsella)