Book Arts



Credits: 3
Offered: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None



This intensive course will introduce students to the traditions and methods of the handmade book, as well as the expressive possibilities available with bookworks. The student will begin with simple foundational structures such as pamphlet-stitched and accordion style books and progress through more complex historical structures such as books sewn on supports, longstitch and coptic bindings. Exploration with materials is encouraged and students can combine other media (such as photography, screenprinting, painting, etc.) they are familiar with in creating their bookworks. To help acquaint the student with the long and on-going tradition of book arts in Italy, time permitting, fieldtrips will be organized to visit contemporary artists (bookbinders, papermakers, letterpress printers) in their studios as well as visits to museums and institutions in the area which maintain collections relevant to the art of the book. Lastly, through slide presentations, sample works and lectures, the student will be given an overview of the history of the book and its development in Western art.

(See syllabi below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

Course Syllabus Fall 2016 (Patricia Silva)

Course Syllabus Spring 2017 (Patricia Silva)