History of Italian Opera



Credits: 3
Offered: Fall, Spring
Prerequisite: None

This course aims to familiarize students with various aspects of operatic “language” and its development through the centuries. Biographical and stylistic profiles of major composers are studied (for example, Monteverdi, Mozart, Rossini, Donizetti, Verdi, and Puccini), underlining their musical education and their relationships with the contemporary cultural and artistic worlds. The course includes historical and dramaturgical analysis of some major operas, including a study of staging, costumes, and direction of important productions. Copies of the musical material studied during the course are available on tape to students. The Teatro Comunale of Florence (the major theater in Florence) offers a remarkable opportunity to appreciate this special art form where words and music become theater.

(See syllabi below. An updated syllabus will be posted at the beginning of each term.)

Course Syllabus Fall 2011

Course Syllabus Spring 2010