Consortium Overview


SACI Consortium

In 1998 the SACI consortium was created based on the fact that an ever growing number of Art Schools of Universities, Art Colleges and Departments of Art at Colleges had an established yet informal regular relationship with Studio Arts College International. The original idea was to define and enlarge on the existing connections with a view to involving the full support of serious art educators and students.

What began fairly humbly is now an articulated association with annual meetings in Florence of the 49 member institutions. A forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns related to art education and foreign study has been realized. The cross-over review of problems by administrators from differing institutions has already brought results and given birth to practical solutions. Since SACI is at maximum enrollment the area most discussed is how to make it more certain that the student for whom SACI is the best challenge is enabled and informed about the opportunity. An annual full tuition scholarship for a Consortium student has been realized as well as many visiting faculty grants. The Consortium is another demonstration that SACI is about excellence in foreign study.

Each Fall and Spring, SACI awards a Full-Tuition Consortium Scholarship intended to provide an especially promising undergraduate from a SACI Consortium school with an opportunity to study tuition-free at SACI. Numerous other SACI Consortium scholarships are awarded to undergraduates from SACI Consortium schools. Click for details.