Art History Field trip to Fiesole

Late Spring 2017

(SACI's main building, the Palazzo dei Cartelloni, at Via Sant'Antonino 11, is open today from 9:00 am-1:00 pm)

Saturday, May 20, 12:30 pm ~ Field trip to Fiesole for Art History students—with Helen Watterson.  This trip is compulsory for students enrolled in Art History.  Students meet outside front door at SACI’s Palazzo dei Cartelloni.

There will be a visit to the excavations of the Etruscan and Roman town of Fiesoleto the Romanesque Cathedral, and to the Gothic S. Francesco on a hill with magnificent views down to the city of Florence; then you will walk along the old Fiesolana road past a former Medici Villa down to the Renaissance Badia (abbey) patronized by Cosimo Medici the Elder and frequented by Renaissance humanists, and the church of S. Domenico, where the painter Fra Angelico began his career as a Dominican friar and left some early works. These last two sites were probably be visited only from outside. The visit to Fiesole as a whole will provide a perspective of the principal historical periods from Etruscan and Roman through Renaissance into which Florentine history and art can be subdivided.