Fall Term


At the end of each term, departing students leave written tips for future SACI students. This page contains tips from departing Fall Term students.


“If you are going to do your own cooking, go to the Sant’Ambrogio market where food is cheap and healthy.” R.S. (Fall 2014)

“Ask your professors where to go for certain supplies. Also ask MFA students in their 2nd year. They are very friendly and very knowledgeable.” J.C. (Fall 2014)

“Try to speak Italian as much as possible, even when the Italians speak English. They’re using you to practice their English, so use them to practice your Italian.” N.G. (Fall 2014)

“Bring winter clothes! The apartments can still get very cold even though the heat is on.” F.B. (Fall 2014)

“Use every weekend wisely. Leave time to fully explore Florence. Acqua al 2 (restaurant) never disappoints.” C.M. (Fall 2014)

“Trattoria Nerone on Via Faenza! Amazing.” A.C. (Fall 2014)

“Look at other art stores like Lory’s. Zecchi is often more expensive.” n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Try to learn some basic Italian before you arrive.” n.n. (Fall 2014)

Go to Gusta Pizza! Don’t wait until the end of the semester to go to restaurants in Florence.” D.B. (Fall 2014)

“Great inexpensive places for sandwiches: Oil Shoppe and Da Vinattieri.” C.R. (Fall 2014)

“Go on Helen Watterson’s field trips. You really get to see a lot of Italy for free!” M.B. (Fall 2014)

“Check out the upper part of the Mercato Centrale.”  A.K. (Fall 2014)

“Don’t waste money on weekend travel to other countries – get to know Florence on your own as much as possible.” n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Be aware that there are train/bus strikes in the fall/winter. “ n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Be prepared to deal with mosquitoes.” Y.G. (Fall 2014)

“Bring as little clothing as possible to leave room in your suitcase for everything you’ll want to bring back.” n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Vecchio Forno is the best…best pastries, best sandwiches – so affordable.” M.B. (Fall 2014)

“Bring a rain jacket and some art supplies like brushes, because they’re very expensive here.” T.S. (Fall 2014)

“Cook at home or with friends to save money. Go to all the museums here frequently. Take long walks. n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Get a bike. It’s worth it.” L.V. (Fall 2014)

“Clothing here is expensive and the water is really hard (stiff clothing after washing).” n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Go to Marione for steak. Try lampredotto.” K.M. (Fall 2014)

“Find out if your bank at home has a sister bank in Italy, or set up a travel card. Cash is used more than cards here and ATM fees (and currency exchange) eat away more money than you anticipate.  J.D. (Fall 2014)

“Edoardo’s = best gelato. Salvini’s (art store) is open during lunch hours.” M.L. (Fall 2014)

“A good restaurant is Alla Vecchia Bettola.” n.n. (Fall 2014)

“Be careful mailing things, sometimes they don’t show up.” A.N.(Fall 2014)

"Try Nerbone in the central market for a good, cheap lunch!" R.S. (Fall Term 2013)

"For any vegans/vegetarians: Etc Bitro on Via Faenza has rice milk and soy milk Caffè Lattes! The restaurant DolceVegan and the supermarket NaturaSi are also great resources!" n.n. (Fall Term 2013)

"Keep in mind that you will have to ship home any art you make. Go to a soccer match!" n.n. (Fall Term 2013)

"Make sure to venture over to the other side of the Arno. The area is beautiful and has many wonderful restaurants and stores (... And churches too!)" M.A. (Fall Term 2013)

"The whole first month is warm, but be prepared with wool sweaters, coats, fuzzy socks and sweatpants for when the cold hits and the heating has yet to kick in in your apartment. Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in all public Piazzas: you can do homework out there as well as keep up with friends to make plans in between classes." S.E.M. (Fall Term 2013)

"There are a lot of places to buy art supplies, so don't worry too much about bringing any." J.S. (Fall Term 2013)

"Go to the Cascine Market for cheap clothes, and to Odeon for great shows and movies in English. Use the Sant'Ambrogio Market, and most importantly befriend the wonderful SACI staff and professors!" Y.L. (Fall Term 2013)

"The best Gelato can be found at the Gelateria alla Carraia. There is an arts and crafts store near Piazza Santa Croce called Zest: it is cheaper than Zecchi and is awesome!" A.C. (Fall Term 2013)

"Travel and explore as much as you can: not only Florence but Italy as well, and if you're lucky Europe! Traveling is so easy. Also, go to the Boboli Gardens and spend a few hours there. It's incredibly beautiful!" J.N. (Fall Term 2013)

“I would highly suggest going to the other side of the river. In particular, you can listen to live music at La Citè and get great pizza at Gusta Pizza.” n.n. (Fall Term 2012)

“Take advantage of opportunities to get to know Italians (especially if you're studying the language). It's easy to miss out on such an important part of being here if you don't make the effort.” B.A. (Fall Term 2012)

“Buy an Italian phone for emergencies. Work small so you can take your pieces home.” S.S. (Fall Term 2012)

“Go to the Cascine park on Tuesday mornings for the cheap market" S.S. (Fall Term 2012)

“It rained quite a lot in November: I wish I had taken my rainboots with me! Go across the river - it's less touristy and a lot of fun.” n.n. (Fall Term 2012)

“Bring warm clothes - it was much colder than I had anticipated!.” A.T. (Fall Term 2012)

“Wandering around is the best way to find things. Travel as much as you can. Avoid trashy dance clubs!” n.n. (Fall Term 2012)

Try Ribollita, it's awesome! Osteria Santo Spirito is a great place to eat. Also, the cafè in the Oblate Library across the street from Palazzo Maidoff has great panini and hot chocolate. “ M.B. (Fall Term 2012)

“I thought I might not find the same toiletries brands as in the United States, but in truth they are all available here in Italy.” C.B. (Fall Term 2012)

“Don't over-pack: you won't need as much as you think you will. Do however bring an extra suitcase with free space for things you'll want to take home with you.” V.W. (Fall Term 2012)

“Go to Osteria Santo Spirito!” C.M. (Fall Term 2012)

“Learn how the city works geographically: it's very good to know where everything is. Don't be afraid to go down different streets, they may take you somewhere awesome! And you must travel to the Cinque Terre.” S.S. (Fall Term 2012)

“Bring warm clothes, but pack light, as you will definitely shop. Make sure you get to check Florence out besides taking time to travel. Time goes by very fast, so don't save things to do for the last minute!” T.M. (Fall Term 2012)