Summer Term


At the end of each term, departing students leave written tips for future SACI students. This page contains advice from departing Summer Term students.

"Be open to new experiences - absorb everything you can, but don't overplan or things can get stressful. Go to museums in the morning, when it's cooler" (Summer Term 2013)

"Pack all of your basics, but don't overpack! Try gelato shops which make their own gelato. Change your schedule a week before leaving to help combat jetlag!" C.L. (Summer Term 2013) 

"Girls should bring lots of dresses with sleeves for entering the churches. Bug spray is a must. Also check the prices of different places before you buy anything: some grocery stores are a lot more expensive." S.A. (Summer Term 2013) 

"Do your best to have conversations with store owners and other locals. Don't be afraid of meeting new people: they understand you're doing your best to adapt to a new culture" Y.K. (Summer Term 2013)

"Ask for student supplies behind counters at Art Stores" K.C. (Summer Term 2013)

"Go to the .99 euro store for household soaps, rags, papertowels, etc.: unexpensive and diverse products!" E.M. (Summer Term 2013) 

"Make sure you wait for the summer sales before you go clothes shopping!" M.M.  (Summer Term 2013) 

"Try to bring toiletries with you. Groceries may be cheap, but soap, shampoo and other toiletries are not." n.n. (Summer Term 2013) 

"A restaurant I would recommend is ZaZa. I would recommend to not overpack (I definitely did!), and to bring comfortable shoes. Supplies are sufficient in Florence, so I wouldn't worry about running out of the basics" n.n. (Summer Term 2012)

"Going to the Odeon Cinema Hall was a great experience. Always check The Florentine for upcoming events!" C.G. (Summer Term 2012)

"Go to the Boboli Gardens, Piazzale Michelangelo and the Bardini Garden. Zara for clothes, Zecchi for supplies"  H.N. (Summer Term 2012)

"Never stop exploring and trying new snack bars and restaurants. Expand your sight-seeing beyond what your classes require. Florence has so many precious niches!"  n.n. (Summer Term 2012)

"It may be a lot easier and cheaper to just get an international plan for your U.S. phone, rather than buying an Italian one." E.N. (Summer Term 2012)

"If you like Kebab, try Star Kebab, two blocks away from SACI" K.K. (Summer Term 2012)

"It is very, very hot!! Drink lots of water and wear the appropriate attire" n.n (Summer Term 2012)

"Show your SACI ID card everywhere: lots of places give student discounts" A.K. (Summer Term 2012)

"Definitely go to the 99 cent store - and to the Oblate library for coffee" n.n. (Summer Term 2012)

“Look up the list of supplies you will need on the SACI website before coming.” L.S. (Summer Term 2011)