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SACI's Gap Year programs are designed to offer high school graduates the opportunity to study abroad before entering their freshman year of college. Students can participate in a year or a single semester or term abroad (including Late Spring and Summer) with SACI. Gap Year programs are great opportunities that allow students to gain real-world knowledge that cannot be learned in a classroom and to return home more motivated, focused, and prepared for their first year of college. At SACI, students can benefit from our wide range of courses to build their portfolios for admittance into art schools and liberal arts colleges and universities.


While studying at SACI, Florence becomes the classroom! Field trips throughout Tuscany and elsewhere in Italy are an integral and deeply rewarding part of the SACI experience. Locations that are typically visited include Venice, Rome, Milan, Naples, Bologna, Pisa, Lucca, Ravenna, Siena and many more. Students attend field trips with their classes as well as additional field trips open to all students. Tuition includes all required class field trips and museum entrances. 


The extensive range of studio arts, design, conservation, art history, and Italian culture and language courses provides SACI students with the means to meet their individual educational needs while connecting them with the rich cultural heritage of Italy. In both Fall and Spring, a student can enroll in four to five classes for a total of 15 college credits. In both Late Spring and Summer, a student can enroll in two classes for a total of 6 college credits.

SACI’s facilities are located in the heart of Florence, just steps away from Michelangelo’s Medici Chapel, Fra’ Angelico’s masterpieces in San Marco, the colorful Mercato Centrale, and the Duomo. As part of their classes, SACI students can create artwork for local hospitals and restore major art treasures that are a part of Italy’s cultural heritage. Outside of class, student volunteers can assist in the teaching of English at elementary schools, serve as English-language museum guides, and aid at human rights agencies.

In addition to traveling to many famous Italian cities, students visit local Florentine museums and historic sites, artists’ and designers’ studios, private collections, galleries, and art fairs. They have access to modern and historic art collections, research libraries, and contemporary art museums.

SACI has developed collaborations with the Galleria dell’Accademia, the Bargello, the Museum of Anthropology, and the Ferragamo Museum that enable students to work on site-specific projects at these renowned museums.


SACI understands the importance of maximizing engagement with the culture and forging professional, practical, and applicable skills which will empower our students throughout their lives. Preparing students for the experience they are yet to have with SACI, offering orientation and inspiration while they are with us, and supporting them upon re-entry and beyond are all part of what we do. Confidence and global-mindedness are the natural result.

SACI offers a Pre-departure, Orientation and Re-entry Support guide to outline the cultural and professional support for students.


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