The SACI Experience


Each student's study abroad experience is unique. Life as a SACI student can be enriched by a full spectrum of academic and cultural activities. What is student life like in Florence? SACI Alumni Representatives have helped spread the word about SACI's unique and very special study abroad programs. Some Alumni have produced their own videos sharing highlights of their experience in Florence as a SACI student, and others have said this about their experience at SACI:





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"Study abroad experience was benissimo!" as Kara Fallon (SACI Alumna, Late Spring 2011) says in Dimensions Magazine of Bowling Green State University as she describes her experience at SACI. Read the article on page 5 of the 2014 issue. “As an artist, studying and living in Florence was an incredible opportunity. The Italian countryside, art and architecture are incredible, like I had heard.”


What some Alumni have said about their SACI Experience:

"The knowledge I gained at SACI helped me get through a difficult life change event. It taught me a lot about myself. It was a wonderful opportunity to be in a great art filled city and it was a memorable part of my life. Thank you to those who gave me this chance." J.B.

"Amazing faculty, outstanding sculpture and jewelry facilities, and unforgettable memories. The knowledge I gained is irreplaceable. Thank you SACI for enriching the rest of my journeys ahead as a future art educator! " S.E.

"In addition to working with us in the studio, my instructors at SACI also went to great lengths to expose students to Italy’s contemporary and historical arts by taking us on trips: gallery visits, conventions, local artist studio visits, trips to museums and churches, etc." K.H.

"The experiences I had in and through SACI were more than those you get in a school: it was my honeymoon as an art student. My teachers, my classmates, the buildings I studied in, were more like an extended family and home. I simply loved it." A.U.

“My time at SACI Florence gave me a compass with which to begin to connect the dots of my contemporary cultural experience within the greater map of Art History. My work is so much the richer for it, and my semester there finds its way into my studio every day.” J.R.